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Answer 1. Henry VIII kissed Anne Boleyn here, the second of his six queens.

‘Apparelled in rich cloth of gold’, she was six months pregnant, with long dark hair almost down to her waist. Anne stayed at the Tower before proceeding to Westminster Abbey for her coronation.


St James PalaceAnne Boleyn’s daughter later became Queen Elizabeth 1. In August 1588, Elizabeth was at St James’ Palace, masterminding operations against the Spanish Armada. An invasion fleet was advancing up the Channel with the aim of overthrowing the Queen and installing a Roman Catholic in her place.

The Spaniards’ progress was reported every few hours. By Thursday, 8 August, Queen Elizabeth could bear the suspense no longer. Wearing a red wig, a white velvet dress and a silver breastplate in case a Catholic tried to assassinate her, she swept out of St James’ Palace and took a boat downriver from Whitehall steps.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 2. Where was Queen Elizabeth I going?

Where were you at Waterloo? Cover









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