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Answer 102. Thomas Blood and his accomplices were disturbed by the unexpected arrival of the Edwards’ son Wythe. He had apparently come to meet his sister’s proposed fiance.


Wythe Edwards had been a soldier in Flanders. He was accompanied by his brother-in-law Captain Marcus Beckman, a Swedish-born military engineer. Their arrival prompted the villains to beat a hasty retreat. Abandoning their attempts to cut the sceptre in half, Blood and the others made off with the orb and crown while Wythe went upstairs to see his mother.

Talbot Edwards meanwhile had managed to set himself free: ‘The Old Man returning to himself got upon his Legs, pulled off the Gag… and cryed out “Treason! Murther! The crown is stolen.”‘

The four villains fled from the Martin Tower, pursued by Beckman and Wythe Edwards. Two of them managed to reach their horses and get away. Blood and Parrot (known also as Perrot) weren’t so lucky. One had the crown of England under his cloak, the other had the orb down his trousers. It made for heavy going as they tried to escape on foot.

IMG_4870 Bloody TowerThe two men ran through the archway under the Bloody Tower. Skidding to the right, they headed for the gate at the Byward Tower leading to the drawbridge over the moat (the same exit used today). Edwards and Beckman yelled to the sentry at the gate to stop them.

The sentry levelled his musket. Blood drew his pistol and shot him. Dodging a second sentry, the two villains ran out across the drawbridge.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 103. Still carrying their loot, Blood and Parrot fled from the Tower. What happened next?

Kings and Queens book