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Answer 11. Sir William Wallace.

Executed at Smithfield (see Question 82). The film was Braveheart.


Coronation (sized)This is the most historic spot in all England. William the Conqueror was crowned here, at the central crossing of Westminster Abbey, on 25 December 1066. Every subsequent monarch has been a descendant of his. All but two (Edward V, one of the princes murdered in the Tower, and Edward VIII, abdicated to marry an American divorcee) have been crowned on the same spot.

The Cosmati pavement was installed in 1268. One of the first monarchs to be crowned on the new floor was Edward II. The ceremony on 25 February 1308 was dominated by his boyfriend, a flamboyant fellow who wore an outfit of royal purple for the occasion, trimmed with pearls.

The boyfriend looked lovely, but purple really wasn’t his colour. It was the King’s. A commoner shouldn’t have worn it. Nor should he have walked second last in the procession to the altar, just in front of the King. The watching barons were so outraged at the breach of protocol that they talked of killing the boyfriend on the spot.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 12. Name the King’s boyfriend.

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