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Answer 12. Piers Gaveston.

The barons did kill him later, and the King too.


IMG_4870 Bloody TowerThe Bloody Tower at the Tower of London still has a portcullis over the gateway.  After Edward IV died, his two young sons were reputedly murdered here in 1483:

‘The children of King Edward were seen shoting (sic) and playing in the garden of the Tower at sundry times.’ Soon however, ‘they were withdrawn into the inner apartments of the Tower proper, and day by day began to be seen more rarely behind the bars and windows, until at length they ceased to appear altogether.’

The boys were almost certainly murdered as they slept, on the orders of their uncle. Two hired assassins ‘came into the chamber and suddenly lapped them up among the clothes – so bewrapped them and entangled them, keeping down by force the feathered pillows hard unto their mouths, that within a while… they gave up to God their innocent souls.’

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 13. Name the two little princes’ wicked uncle.

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