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Answer 125. Anne Boleyn was beheaded with a French sword because it provided a much cleaner death than a blunt English axe.

Henry VIII was being kind. To save his wife the indignity of being hacked at with an axe, he had a skilled swordsman brought over from France, especially for the occasion.

IMG_4883 Jane GreyAfter the blood had subsided, one of the ladies-in-waiting picked up Anne’s head and covered it with a white cloth. The others wrapped her body in a sheet and lugged it across to the Chapel of St Peter-ad-Vincula (just behind the scaffold site in the photo).

Anne’s clothes were removed and given to the Tower staff, as was customary. Her body and head were put into a box originally designed to carry bow staves. Anne was then buried in the chancel of the chapel, just in front of the altar. She lies there still.


MI56This anonymous office building lies on the south bank of the river Thames, not far from Vauxhall Bridge. It’s where 007 reports to ‘M’ in James Bond films.

At the beginning of one Bond movie, 007 emerged from the building in a speedboat, hit the water with a splash and sped off downriver in pursuit of a well-armed female assassin.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 126. Bond was played by Pierce Brosnan in the film. What was its title?

Where were you at Waterloo? Cover









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