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Answer 129. Vanity Fair. Becky Sharp slept with horrible Lord Steyne in return for help with her son’s school fees.


Charterhouse1Another Old Carthusian, later a famous theologian, began at the school in 1714. His father, a Church of England rector, advised him to run round Charterhouse Square three times every morning to keep fit. This he religiously did.

The future theologian knew Latin, Greek and large parts of the New Testament from an early age. He went to Oxford after Charterhouse and became a Fellow of Lincoln College.

Later he sailed to America and spent an unsuccessful couple of years as a minister in Georgia colony. Returning to England, he became an itinerant preacher, travelling the country and preaching to small groups of people outdoors rather than from the pulpit in a church.

Together with his brother and a fellow cleric named George Whitefield, the theologian is remembered today for founding the evangelical movement known as Methodism.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 130. What was the preacher’s name?

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