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Answer 13. King Richard III.

Richard had been crowned king, quite illegally, after the death of his elder brother Edward IV. By eliminating Edward’s sons, he hoped to secure his position on the throne.


IMG_4789 Theatre RoyalThis is the stage door of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. On 19 April 1893, after a glittering first night at which his latest comedy had been very well received, a playwright slipped out the back way, only to be accosted by a rent boy who had been waiting for him.

William Allen had one of the playwright’s letters for sale. The letter made it quite clear that the playwright was a practising homosexual, then a criminal offence. Allen offered to sell it back to him for £10.

The playwright refused to be blackmailed. He gave Allen half a sovereign and told him to get lost.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 14. Who was the playwright?

Trafalgar Book Cover









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