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Answer 34. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Despite England’s ghastly food (see below), he remained an Anglophile for the rest of his life.

IMG_5193 (1) Mozart

The Mozarts had their food sent in from an eating house at first, but it was so bad that Frau Mozart decided to do the cooking herself.

Her husband lay ill in bed, slowly being driven mad by the sound of young Wolfgang practising his scales in the next room. When you’re sick and trying to get some sleep, the last thing you need is Mozart playing in the next room.

A conversation took place along the following lines:

‘For God’s sake shut up, Wolfgang. Go and write a symphony or something.’

Mozart did. This is where his first symphony was composed.


Some years after the Mozarts moved out, a well-known literary couple moved in next (red) door. He was the bisexual son of Lord Carnock. She was the bisexual daughter of Lord Sackville. Dressed as a man and calling herself Julian, she sometimes slipped out of the house after dark and sneaked off to visit her girlfriend.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 35. Name this bisexual literary couple who lived next door to Mozart’s old home.

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