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Answer 42. The peasants beheaded the Archbishop of Canterbury on Tower Hill (see picture below, foreground).


Thousands watched as the Archbishop was clumsily executed with a sword:

TowerHill‘Being stricken in the neck, but not deadly, he putting his hand to his neck, said: “Aha, it is the hand of God”. He had not removed his hand from the place where the pain was, but that being suddenly stricken again, his fingers ends being cut off, and part of the arteries, he fell down; but yet he died not, till being mangled with eight several strokes in the neck and head, he fulfilled most worthy martyrdom.’

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 43. So perish all tax gatherers. What happened to the Archbishop’s head after his death?

Five Days that shocked the World Cover








Five Days That Shocked the World

‘Riveting’ – Daily Mail
‘Fascinating’ – The Times
‘Outstanding’ – Midwest Book Review
‘Utterly absorbing’ – Macleans