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Answer 8. Lady Jane Grey was beheaded here.

A cousin of King Edward VI, she had been proclaimed Queen after his death in place of the rightful but Roman Catholic Queen Mary. The coup failed and she paid the price.

Unlike modern British athletes, who blub when they lose at tennis or win at the Olympics (and that’s only the men), Jane met her death like a proper Englishwoman, ‘hir countenance nothing abashed, neither hir eyes enything moysted with tears’.


IMG_4977 Notting Hill

Just off the Portobello Road, this house with a blue door featured in a much-loved film from the 1990s. A Welshman emerged from within and capered about in his underpants on the street.

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 9. The film starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. What was its name?

Tennis and the Masai Cover









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