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Answer 91. Frances Stevenson. She accompanied Lloyd George to the Versailles peace conference in 1919, but couldn’t stop him seeing prostitutes on the side. The old goat was insatiable.

Frances married Lloyd George in 1943, two years after the death of his first wife. Respectable at last, she ended her days as Countess Lloyd-George of Dwyfor.


IMG_4715 Queen's stairsOn 17 April 1534, a future saint of the Roman Catholic church was placed under arrest and brought by boat from Westminster to the Tower of London. As Lord Chancellor of England, he had refused to swear an oath acknowledging the supremacy of King Henry VIII over the Pope.

The King therefore had him imprisoned in the Tower in  the hope that he would quickly come to his senses.

The prisoner was received at the landing stage by the Lieutenant of the Tower and the porter of the wicket gate. He was accompanied by his servant as he entered the fortress, probably through the postern gate across the wharf from the Queen’s Stair (although he might have arrived via Traitors’ Gate, see picture at Question 23).

PosternIt was customary for new prisoners to tip the porter by making him a present of their ‘upper garment’ as they arrived at the Tower. The prisoner was supposed to hand over his valuable gown. Instead, he tried to make a joke of it by taking off his cap and offering that instead.

‘I am very sorry that it is no better for you,’ he told the man, as he came in through the gate.

‘No, sir,’ replied the porter firmly. ‘I must have your gown.’

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 92. Name the prisoner who became a Catholic saint.

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