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Historic London: X marks the spot

Nicholas Best

Welcome to my new blog. It’s about historic London. Rome may be older, Paris more elegant, but London has the most exciting history of any city in the world. Read on and see if you agree.



Postern Gate

This is the postern gate at the Byward Tower, royalty’s private entrance to the Tower of London. In medieval times, the royals arrived by boat and were received by the Lieutenant Governor before being escorted across the wharf to the postern.

On 29 May 1533, a young woman came ashore to be met by a gun salute so loud that it shattered every pane of glass in the Tower. The King himself, Henry VIII, was waiting to greet her. He scandalised the onlookers by kissing her in public, ‘with loving countenaunce at the postern by the waters’ side.’

HISTORIC LONDON: X MARKS THE SPOT. Question 1. Who did Henry VIII kiss here? (scroll down for the answer).

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