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Yesterday TV and the murder of Lord Erroll

I’ve just had the latest sales figures for my book Happy Valley: The Story of the English in Kenya. There was an interesting sales spike in June, right after Yesterday TV  broadcast its series of Royal Murder Mysteries. The first episode was about the murder of Lord Erroll in Kenya in 1941.

The ignoble lord was hardly royal, although the Earls of Erroll have certain hereditary duties at coronations etc. That was enough of a peg to hang a programme on. The programme broke fresh ground with a tape recording of a Happy Valley type naming the person who had helped Sir Delves Broughton get back to his house after shooting Erroll on the Karen to Nairobi road in the middle of the night (the suburb is called Karen because it used to be Karen Blixen’s farm, for those who don’t know).

The spike in sales of Happy Valley occurred because I am one of the talking heads on the programme. The book’s title appeared on screen as I was talking, so people must have decided to buy it and learn more about the murder. They may even have ordered it online during an ad break. Rather wonderful for me!

My main contribution to the debate was to point out that Jock Broughton was the only person who knew where to find Lord Erroll on a dark road, in the middle of Africa, in the middle of the night. No one else knew Erroll was there. Of course Broughton killed him!

Anyway, here’s the link to the programme, for anyone who wants to learn more: