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Trafalgar Book Cover


Trafalgar originally had a different title. I was sorry that the publishers renamed it, because it’s about Napoleon and the invasion of England as much as the naval action. Perhaps that’s why people on the internet have named it as their favourite book about Trafalgar, since it offers so much more than the usual fare. Read the first chapter and see if you agree.

Read an extract…



‘Trafalgar was not only a great sea battle, it saved Britain from invasion by Napoleon. That is why this book, which rattles along excitingly, gave me fresh appetite for the subject. It sets Nelson’s victory in that context – the risks of 1940 were just as grave in 1805… The battle is grippingly described with a Master and Commander/Patrick O’Brian touch’ – Daily Mail

‘This gripping book tells the story of Britain’s legendary naval victory on October 21 1805 in which the national hero, Admiral Lord Nelson, was killed by a French sharpshooter… Nicholas Best has done an excellent job describing the build-up to the battle and the primitive conditions on the ships… The book is replete with fascinating details’ – Glasgow Evening Times

‘You can almost smell the whiff of gunsmoke and feel the sweat on both sides as the battle begins. This is history with a page-turning quality’ – Good Book Guide

‘None is likely to be more comprehensive or gripping than this one, which describes the Royal Navy’s triumph over the French which effectively scuppered Napoleon’s threat to invade Britain… He is unsparing in his details of the bloodshed wrought by cannons and cutlass-wielding seamen who boarded the shattered ships’ – Birmingham Post

‘Very racy and exciting’ – BBC Radio Bristol

‘Marvellous. Compulsively readable’ – BBC Radio Leicester